Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I get the password to review the Profiles?
A: You have to first register your profile on by completing the registration form here. Once completed and approved you will get an email with the password to review the profiles.

Q: Is there a cost for the Soirika Service?
A: No, The Soirika Service is currently free to the Konkani Community.

Q: What is a Generic Profile?
A: Your profile information without any of the personally identifiable information like Name, Address, email ID, phone number etc.

Q: Who should make the contact?
A: If you find a profile that interests you, you should make the contact. It is also possible that you will receive emails from other candidates interested in your profile.

Q. How do I make the contact?
A: You will find an email address on the row for each Profile. for example Send an email to that id and it will get automatically forwarded to the candidate.

Q. What if the person does not respond?
A: It is a obligatory and a matter of courtesy for each registrant to respond to the inquiry emails received from parties. Even if they are not interested we request them to send a polite decline. If a candidate does not respond after three emails, please notify by email to and if necessary, we will consider removing the profile from the list.

Q.What if the email I send does not reach the candidate?
A. It is possible that emails go to spam folder or otherwise filtered out. We ask the registered candidates to add to their contact list and also clear their filters so the emails sent reach them.

Q. What information do I include on the first email contact?
A. The first email contact should be brief, exploratory and share your amchigeli profile ID.  You can also ask any follow-up questions about the person’s profile. This will help the other party to review your profile and then respond back.

Sample email :
I came across your profile on the soirika section of and I am interested in exploring a matrimonial connection. My Profile ID is F10001, please review my profile on and respond back if you are interested. My email Address is :
Thank you

Once you get a response, it is open for you to share additional information and contact details for taking it further.

Q. Will mediate to find a candidate for me?
A: No, will not mediate or search a candidate for you. The activity is self directed and you have to take the initiative to review the profiles and find the right candidate for yourself.

Q. Why do you not publish the Candidate name, email ID etc?
A: We take candidate’s privacy seriously and therefore do not publish any personally identifiable information on the website. Once you find a suitable candidate and there is mutual interest it is open for the two parties to make direct contact, share any information that you are comfortable with and take it forward.

Q. What proof do you need for establising Konkani Identify and address and why?
A: We need documentary proof of candidate Name and address to establish their Konkani Identity, for example an utility bill showing your name and address. We do not want any document that has confidential /sensitive information about yourself. We just want to ensure we have genuine / bonafide candidates that belong to the Konkani community.

Q. I need to update my Profile information, how do I do it?
A: Please email with the updates you want to your profile. Always quote your profile ID in all communications.